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Munro Shoes & Sandals for Women in Toledo, OH & Monroe MI

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Also known as Munro American, Yaeger's Shoes stocks an extensive line of some of the most popular Munro brand shoes and sandals in Toledo, OH and Monroe, MI. Munro offers a wide variety of sizes of women's shoes and sandals. We are proud to say that all Munro footwear is made here in the U.S. Visit our shoe stores in Toledo, OH and Monroe, MI to buy a pair of Munro shoes or sandals.


Munro offers a distinct style and ultra-comfort that will last. We pride ourselves in offering some of the most hard to find Munro brand shoes and sandals for women in the NW Ohio and SE Michigan area. We can find the right size for you!


Locally Owned: Serving the Toledo, Ohio & Monroe, Michigan Community


Yaeger's Shoes is a family run business, owned by five generations of Yaeger's since our first store opened in Monroe, MI in 1846. In 1995 Yaeger's Shoes opened its second store in Toledo (Sylvania), OH at Monroe St. Market Square to better serve our Ohio customers. Great customer service is our top priority.

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Selection of Munro Shoes for Women


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Munro Women's Sandals


Munro Sandals Toledo Ohio


Munro Slip-On Shoes for Women


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